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About Me

My name is Marc Elliot and I am a computer security professional, researcher and frequent software reviewer. In my day to day work I sometimes come upon products and software that I really like and think can make a difference to others, so I make websites like this to help promote them.

Most of my day is spent working for a Fortune 500 company on web application and network security testing. I spend a great deal of my energy on intrusions and incident response covering the full attack life cycle. My team and I develop tools and deployment strategies to help with our investigative work. I manage an amazing team of computer forensic professionals and proudly we have provided forensic consulting services for law enforcement and other government entities.

More about me for those who care, I am an amature journalist, family man, blogger, history buff, 70’s rock fanatic and I often like to imagine I am a frequent world traveler (which I am not as of yet!)

Lastly in full disclosure mode, I do make commission on sales made through my websites but I can use all your support to cover the costs of hosting and purchases of the software I review. So if you like what I had to say and want to give it a try, please use one of my links when downloading the software.