Restoro Review

The Complete System Repair and Optimization Solution

A trustworthy review of Restoro PC repair and optimization software. The Review was conducted by an experienced computer security professional and software reviewer. Restoro claims to have developed a “powerful technology that secures and safely repairs any PC to an optimized state”. We decided to put this claim to the test!

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What is Restoro?

PCs are more powerful and interconnected than ever before. Unfortunately, this creates more complex and harder to maintain systems. Restoro is NOT an antivirus software, but rather it fixes the underlying technology that occasionally breaks (e.g., missing files, slow disk access and damaged data). Restoro also provides a level of safety such as detecting dangerous websites and helping you remove potential malware threats.

So without further delay, let’s take a look at Restoro and see how it does in the real world!


First Impressions are important and Resotro nails that! The interface appears simple, clean and modern! Easy to read graphs and gauges help you immediately view your system’s data at a glance.

Beyond the fancy gauges and graphs is a series of useful and important live system data. This data gives the user insight into otherwise hidden details that could be concealing serious problems and

System Profile

The software runs autonomously at first yet provides the user with plenty of feedback as to what it’s doing.  In our test run, we watched it build a very detailed system profile including live data and internal hardware information (CPU type, speed, BIOS version, memory configuration, storage info and a host of other critical system telemetry) that will definitely come in handy in the future.  I made note of that just in case!

PC Stability Test

According to Restoro, stability Issues are Issues that cause you frustration while operating your computer. These symptoms may occur over a period of time and reflect on the stability of your PC.  It goes without saying, this is something we are all familiar with!  What stability Issues can Restoro fix? Built-in Windows applications, third party applications and hardware and other issues.  

In our review there were just a few small instability issues detected and those will easily be fixed.  It was nice to see this level of detail written into software.  Even small stability issues fixes can go a long way to reducing frustrations and even data loss.


Well that was painless! It took a little bit more time than I would have expected but I believe it was worth it. The final summary gave me the “all clear” for major issues and the opportunity to fix any of the small issues it detected.

Please note that the scan, analysis and recommendations are all part of the free software download. The paid version will take you through the final steps of repairing and tuning your complete system.

For this review, a copy of the Restoro was purchased and not provided for free.

Many More Features



Download Now

Download now to run a complete system analysis and view vital system information instantly! No purchase necessary for initial scan and assessment of your PC.

After completion of the scan, you may purchase a license key to complete your repair and compete system performance tune-up.

Repair critical system files, detect software threats, increase PC speed and much more. Don’t waste anymore of your time on a slow computer – scan and fix it now!

* Disclosure: Products reviews and opinions expressed within this site are our own. Commissions may be earned from purchases made through links on this site.